Creates a new App in the Boxfuse Console.

Usage: boxfuse create app

> boxfuse create hello

Creating myuser/hello ...
Successfully created myuser/hello


Argument boxfuse.conf property Default Description
-app.type=... app.type single-instance

The type of app to create.

Possible values:

  • single-instance (Elastic IP)
  • load-balanced (ELB + Auto-Scaling)
  • worker (Auto-Scaling)
-db.type=... db.type none

The type of database your app needs.

Possible values:

  • none (no database)
  • postgresql (Boxfuse-managed PostgreSQL database)
  • mysql (Boxfuse-managed MySQL database)
-logs.type=... logs.type cloudwatch-logs

The type of centralized logging service your app needs.

Possible values:

  • none (no centralized logging)
  • cloudwatch-logs (AWS CloudWatch Logs)

Machine-readable output (sample)